Quantification of functional classes

Blast result Functional classes Chromatin structure and dynamics - related function(s) Group code
Eace_2365_orf1 B Histone 2A KOG1757
Eace_0215_orf1 AB mRNA splicing factor/probable chromatin binding snw family nuclear protein KOG2441
Eace_3323_orf1 B Heterochromatin-associated protein HP1 and related CHROMO domain proteins KOG1911
Eace_0059_orf1 BD Nucleosome assembly protein NAP-1 KOG1507
Eace_0214_orf1 B Predicted histone tail methylase containing SET domain KOG2084
Eace_0246_orf1 B Histones H3 and H4 KOG1745
Eace_0437_orf3 BD Nucleosome assembly protein NAP-1 KOG1507
Eace_1875_orf1 B Histone deacetylase complex, catalytic component RPD3 KOG1342
Eace_2700_orf1 BK Chromatin remodeling complex SWI/SNF, component SWI2 and related ATPases (DNA/RNA helicase superfamily) KOG0386